About Me

Learn how and why I love Java.

Hello, my name is Petar Kresoja. I come from Belgrade, Serbia. My love for computers started when i was just 6. At that exact time I got my first computer. I dont remember the specs but i think it was a Pentium 4 with only 512MB of RAM. I dissasambled that computer multiple times. That's how I learned all about theme!

I tried out programing first time when i was 16. At that time i was already a Windows power user, so i wanted to make some custom apps i need for games i love (CS:GO and Minecraft). I tried C++ and got lost very fast. Then i tried Java and i fell in love with it. Today all the apps i make on GitHub are written in Java.

Currently I am a software engenering student at Universty Singidunum's Faculty for Informatics and Computing. For future I got some plans to go and live in Thesaloniki, Greece.